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Anora is a leading wine and spirits brand house in the Nordic region and a global industry forerunner in sustainability. We produce, market, sell, import and export alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. offers to the Finnish consumers the largest and most versatile portfolio on wines and other mild beverages. In Viinimaa you can also find matched food recipes for the wines, plenty of delicious drink and punch recipes and lots of information about wines and wineries that we represent.

For partners:

Collaboration with our partners covers not only Finland but Nordics and Baltics offering deep customer collaboration and excellent insight into both open market and monopoly markets. Our partner collaboration includes import but also product and brand development, as well as production and bottling at our modern production facilities. Please read about Anora Group Plc.

Contact details:

Anora Group Kaapeliaukio 1 PL 350 00101 Helsinki Finland

Tel. +358 207 013 013