Aquavit is a strong spirit originating in the Nordic countries, at least 37.5% in the alcohol strength department, with a dominant taste of caraway, dill, or both. In the cool North of Europe, a proud aquavit bottle is the maypole around which celebrations swing. 

During the recent years, aquavit has gained strong foothold in the bursting cocktail scene around the world. Aquavit is a good base for cocktails as it has a generous natural base boasting an incredible spice balance. In practice, it has that same something that gin does - it brings more spiciness to the drink. As the dominant tastes are caraway and dill, the spiciness is however different so one needs to be careful with other herbs like mint that overrides the taste of the aquavit.

Mitä akvaviitti oikein on?

Mitä akvaviitti oikein on?

Akvaviittipullon etiketissä lukee joskus ”aquavit”, toisinaan taas ”akvavit” tai ”akvevitt”. Miten nämä nimitykset eroavat toisistaan ja – ennen kaikkea – mitä tämä pohjoismainen väkevä alkoholijuoma oikein on?

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